Groundhog Day

(February 16th 2007)

Well what can I say, today didn’t start out as planned by Ian yesterday. Sorry, it’s an entry from the other half today as Ian has that rare and deadly disease, that only effects the weaker species, MAN FLU!. This obviously started yesterday and affected his brain as he left his walking shoes in Rotorua, so one phone call and numerous words I can’t repeat later, we were back on the road to Rotorua to collect said shoes. Mission complete we started again on the road to Taupo.
Taupo is nice enough but with Ian’s man flu (by the way I should have mentioned we stopped of to purchase flu and cold remedies) and there not being too much point driving another 4 hours to Napier and back we decided to have a lazy afternoon. I should also say we had decided last night over dinner not to travel to Napier as they are having an Art Deco weekend and today is a classic car rally along the roads which they are shutting to non classic cars. So not too much to report other than to say Ian is watching the cricket and I am writing the blog.
I would like to take this opportunity to catch up on some things we remembered after beer, cocktails, wine and a gorgeous meal last night that we forgot to put in the blog. While at the Cavalli Beach House we were lucky to have dinner with some really nice people, as you eat with the other guests (maximum of 4) this could have been awkward if we didn’t get on. As you know Ian will talk to anyone, we met a New Zealand couple and you’ll never guess what, but they were Gooners (Arsenal supporters for those now saying what!). As you can imagine Ian didn’t shut up that night and as a parting gift the guy gave Ian a love letter of all the timings for Arsenal matches on NZ tv whilst we are in this lovely land. I have to say this now goes everywhere in his pocket. Another couple were from New Malden and I can tell you this caused great confusion amongst the other guests, but they have heard of Maldon Salt in NZ so we just kept saying we’re the ones form the salt town.
No new pictures to add due to groundhog day. Off to Wellington tomorrow where we are going to see a super 14’s match, Hurricanes – v – Blues (Wellington and Auckland) in the evening so more to come on Sunday.

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