We’re at that planning stage

(May 25th 2006)

Well, we decided that if we don’t do it soon we may never go. The truth is that with Mrs Elmos mobility getting worse over time we need to do these things while we can enjoy them fully. So it’s off to New Zealand! We decided on 5 weeks, which should be long enough to do justice to both islands and give us enough travelling time there and back. All I have to do now is book the flights, after we’ve arranged for the cat hotel to take the cat. I hope they can fit him in for a 5 week stretch otherwise we may not be going at all. The idea is that we fly direct to Auckland stay there for a few days, pick up a hire car and travel both North and South Islands over the next few weeks. Finally we return to Auckland and fly home….however. It occurred to me that my first route requires us to catch the ferry between the islands twice, not very economical, so I’ll have to sort that out. I’m going to check out flying into Auckland and out of Christchurch. That’ll make the whole 2 island thing a lot easier. I will report back once I have more details.2012-10-01

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