The South Island

(July 21st 2006)

So here we are. Finished one island and on to the next. The ferry ride is supposed to be one of the great journeys, so long as the weather is good, so we’re both looking forward to that. The ferry terminal is in Picton which looks to be a really pretty place.So far we haven’t booked anything here and we’ve got 4 nights to do what we want before we’re expected at the next port-of-call which is Franz Josef. Meaning we can spend a night here if we like or move on a bit. The whole Marlborough region is famous for it’s wines so that’s one thing to look forward to. There are numerous wine tours and wineries to visit (note to self…not driving that day).
One thing we may well do is travel down the east coast a bit to Kaikoura. This place is, apparently, the best place in NZ to go whale and dolphin watching. So if we don’t get to see any in the north island we will probably go to sea here. If we’re lucky we might see something like this…

There should be plenty to occupy us on the journey down the west coast towards Franz Josef. In the next post I’ll cover some more options.
PS All photos borrowed from Flickr. Mine will follow after I’ve arrived in New Zealand

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