The clouds came in and nothing to see

(February 25th 2007)

The helicopter flight that was not. As you can see from the picture we woke up in Franz Josef to rain and low cloud so we couldn’t go up in the helicopter 😦 We have booked another flight when we are in Mt Cook so fingers crossed.

We left Franz Josef after purchasing a flat white (our new fav coffee in the world! I’m thinking of setting up a NZ coffee shop with my redundancy, ha ha I wish, I should say it’s Amanda typing this). The young punk girl, with numerous piercings, one in her cheek ewww! was soo impressed we were traveling NZ as she had only ever been to Oz and NZ and found it funny we were jealous of her.

The drive to Wanaka from Franz Josef was spectacular again in some ways even more so by the low cloud. We kept going up and up and at some points we were above the clouds. I’m glad Ian was driving as the roads were really bendy and twisty. We stupidly stopped on the way for lunch and had left the back pack in the boot which meant Ian had to get out in the rain and let all the midges in so we spent the next hour midge killing in the car and I got bit a lot! (Ian’s fault of course for putting the bag in the boot.)

We arrived in Wanka to sunshine, the rain was behind us. The views of both Lake Hawea and Wanaka were gorgeous as we came down from the climb (in the car). The accommodation was also good we got upgraded to a house on the hill overlooking the lake, it seemed strange having stairs. We ate well again, I have to say the standard and quality of food in NZ is a lot better than UK. It seems no matter where we go we get good fresh ingredients at such reasonable prices no tourist areas rip you off with high prices and low quality. We also had a few beers with our lovely meal. If you ever see any beer at home from the Monteiths Brewery, I highly recommend you buy it and taste! We’re off to Queenstown tomorrow morning, it’s not far so we hope to spend some time chilling by the lake.

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