Quick Update

(November 13th 2006)

Nothing much has changed in the holiday area. It’s all booked and now we’re in that horrible waiting period. You don’t want to wish your life away but you want the days to pass quickly until you leave for your holiday then slow down to a crawl at least until you get back. It ain’t gonna happen. Have to get Christmas out of the way first (not a problem…love Christmas), then the countdown really begins.

They keep changing the rules regarding what you can and can’t take on the flights. I’ve given up trying to work it out so we’ll leave it until the last minute to decide what we’ll be taking on the plane. We’ve also decided to pack a soft holdall in the luggage just in case we pick up a few bargains. The main benefit of flying transatlantic is the extra baggage allowance. We won’t need it going but I think we will coming back.

I’m still trying to get tickets for the Hurricanes vs Blues Super 14 game, which is taking place while we’re in Wellington. They’re still not on sale, but apparently I should be able to pick up a couple on the night from the stadium as the games are rarely sold out, especially early on in the tournament.

This the first entry which has been written on my new MacBook. Not much interest to most people but it makes me happy.

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