Picton and the wine country

(February 21st 2007)

Today we thought we’d take it easy as from now on it’s a lot of driving. So this morning we took our time getting up and having breakfast (I watched a woeful display of football from my beloved Arsenal against PSV Eindhoven) and then this afternoon we took a drive towards Blenheim and the wine growing region of Marlborough (yes I know we went there yesterday as well but there are a lot of wineries there). We didn’t bother stopping in Blenheim as there didn’t seem a lot to grab our attention, nice though it was, and we headed into the broad flat Wairau Valley and the vineyards. As you enter the ‘main road’ of the region there is a chocolate factory selling boutique chocolates. Well, we had to stop there didn’t we? We bought a few little things just to be polite, hehe, and then jumped back in the car and looked for somewhere nice to stop, taste wines and grab a coffee. We found that place in the Clifford Bay Winery. Amanda tasted today as I was driving and thought enough of the Sauvignon Blanc to buy a bottle so I hope it’s as good as the stuff I bought yesterday. We had a couple of cups of coffee (flat whites, love ‘em) sitting in the shade looking out at the rows of vines and the mountains beyond. Then it was back to the hotel to pack and get ready for an early check-out tomorrow ready for whale watching in Kaikoura.

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