Out and About in Auckland

(February 6th 2007)

After 12 hours of sleep (I fell asleep at around 7:30 last night watching tv) we both woke refreshed and on NZ time. We caught the Auckland Explorer bus and saw a bit of Auckland. It’s a public holiday today (Waitangi Day) so New Zealand charge 15% extra on top of all food and beverages (hopefully so they can pay their staff extra for working on a public holiday), but it also meant that lots of people were out and about enjoying the good weather. First stop for us was Kelly Tarltons which is an aquarium and Antarctic Encounter. Which actually meant that it had some penguins and a little sno-cat ride which was ok, but more for kids.

After that we caught the bus again and drove around the city taking in the sights, before getting off at Sky City home of the Sky Tower. We grabbed some lunch and then went up the tower. It’s 328 metres tall and you get a pretty good view of the city IF YOU’RE BRAVE ENOUGH TO LOOK. One of us wasn’t and didn’t go up to the Sky deck which is a bit higher than the observation deck. Amanda didn’t like the lift going up as it had glass doors and a glass panel in the floor, and as for the glass floor at the top…forget about it.How she is going to get on that helicopter later on in the holiday I don’t know. While we were there we saw a couple of people jump off the top. They were attached to a couple of wires but even so, obviously crazy (there are a couple of pics in the photo section if you haven’t seen it already).

Thankfully the cruise liner has now left and we can see out of our balcony. It was kind of cool watching something that size being maneuvered out by two tugs, helped by the fact that we were doing it with the aid of some alcohol. Amanda says the bellinis in the hotel bar are very good, I can testify to the quality of the beer. We’re eating in the posh restaurant in the hotel tonight, hope they let us in. We’ll just make sure they don’t find out we’re from Bettws (only some of you will undestand that).

Tomorrow we’re back on the bus and seeing some more of the city, and hopefully the museum which is supposed to be very good.

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