Okey dokey, Got the go-ahead

(May 30th 2006)

Okey dokey. Got the go-ahead from the boss in work for 5 weeks holiday next year. Next step booking the damned thing. So much to work out and 8 months to do it in. # Book flight. We have decided on Air NewZealand as they seem to have decent amounts of legroom in economy (can’t afford prem economy or higher) and the price is the same to fly out from a different airport to the one you arrived in. So we will fly to Auckland, do the North Island, catch the ferry over to the South Island, do the South Island then fly home from Christchurch. # Book the hire car. Decided on a 4wd, more because the missus wants it to be honest but it’ll be fun to drive. They have a huge excess which can conveniently be reduced by means of a ‘small’ daily cost. Rip-off, I say, but what can you do? You can also book the ferry at the same time which is handy. # Book the hotels. Haven’t decided on all the hotels we’re going to stay in, but as per the Canada trip, I’ll let you know as they are booked. I think we’ll book in some hotels and with other parts of the holiday we’ll just check into a motel as we travel from one part to another. Definitely book the one in Auckland for when we arrive. Definitely book the one in the Bay of Islands, to make sure we get in somewhere nice. Definitely book the one at Mt Cook, cos it looks stunning. I’ll decide the others as we go. And that’s it really. Simple.

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