Not Just another bloody Lake

(March 1st 2007 – Amanda)

I would like to start by wishing all my fellow countryman a happy St Davids Day. It seemed strange not to see a single Daffodil.

Today we travelled up to the fiord land and Milford Sound (named after Milford Haven as it was discovered by a Welshman, quite appropriate for the day). I have to say that we were getting a bit lake fatigued until we saw the scenery around the sounds, which are really fiords. It felt like we were discovering new worlds with the clouds covering low and the rain it was very dramatic. Ian took some really awesome pictures yet again. You know we will bore you all with them when we come back. The total to date is 1,042 I’m sure with penguins and Mt Cook to come the total will be well into 1,500’s by the time we get home.

The journey to the Sound was a mixed one at one point we were on very boring straight roads and the next thing we’re going up really high we felt we could just reach out and touch the snow. To get through the mountains and reach the fiords we had to travel through a one way tunnel, that is blasted through the side of the mountain. You have to wait at the traffic lights and then you have 15 mins to make it through. It was really dark inside and really steep, downhill on the way there. It is called Homer Tunnel and I think the Simpsons built it!

As part of our cruise we booked a stop off at the Milford Deep Underwater Observatory. It was really cool, you go down stairs into a sunken capsule with 20 windows, each one 12 cms thick which you need as it’s 30ft under water. The fish and coral just carry on their lives without even noticing you. It was much more like we were the animals in the aquarium with fish looking at us.

After our return tunnel adventure we exited to a sight Ian has been waiting for since we arrived, wild Kea’s! We pulled over to observe the cheeky little birds (actually they’re quite big). Whilst there I also spotted a car that had fallen down the side of the ravine, luckily there was no-one inside but I would love to see that insurance claim.

On our return journey we also thought of some more things we forgot to mention earlier. Now we’ve made notes and we’ll fill in the gaps tomorrow. Right now we’re both hungry and need sustenance.

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