No Helicopter ride so Hello Sky Line

(February 26th 2007 – Amanda)

As you know we didn’t get to go in the helicopter over Franz Josef Glacier so instead we had to settle for the Skyline chair lift above Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown. As you can see the view is quite good. I should also admit i didn’t see anything as we went up, that’s when Ian took this photo, as I had my eyes shut concentrating on my breathing and keeping calm. (I’m so looking forward to the planned heli trip on Mt Cook!!!!).

Queenstown is really pretty and as we’re here for 2 nights we have some time to catch our breath and chill. We have a suite at the Copthorne, not the best accommodation but the lake view is worth it.

The drive here was very hairy and if i thought the bends and twists were tight before they were nothing on this mountain road. We kept passing signs saying TEST YOUR BRAKES NOW on the way down and once again, being the chicken that I am, I’m glad Ian was driving. I have to say though it was again pretty spectacular.

Apart from going up the Skyline we spent the rest of the day chilling (drinking a bottle of lovely wine purchased in the Marlborough region) and doing laundry. Tonight we are just walking into town and drinking some more no doubt, as Ian is plucking up the courage for tomorrow’s Shotover jetboat trip. I’ll let you know how he got on.

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