Move on, Nothing to see here

(March 2nd 2007)

This was quite honestly the most boring day of the trip so far (it will get better later) which is why you are treated to another photo of Milford Sound up top. Mostly driving loooong straight roads from Te Anau to Dunedin and then trying to find the motel. Once here, (the motel is lovely by the way, and in a good location) we dropped the bags off and went out for a stroll. Just down the road we noticed a large building with a huge Cadbury sign…aha…Cadbury World. Well we had some time to kill, so we went. We’d been to Cadbury World in Birmingham years ago, and this was as good. Highly recommended for any chocolate lovers (I never touch the stuff myself…I get Amanda to feed me, hehe). So, why will the day get better? Tonight we are off to the blue penguin colony in Oamaru, to watch the little cuties come ashore for the night. No photography is allowed sadly so it’s a night off for the photographer. Tomorrow we’ll explore Dunedin a bit more and hopefully visit the Speights Brewery for a tour.

I promised some things we’d forgotten so here we go….
Eating early
At home we eat early, we always have. When we go out in the evening we want to eat at 7pm. Back in the UK we’re usually the only ones in the restaurant apart from some pensioners hoping for an ‘earlybird special’. Here in NZ everyone eats early, and a lot of restaurants close the kitchen at 9pm. Fantastic, we’re not freaks here.
Radio and TV
Sorry New Zealand, your radio is awful (if you can get reception that is). Every station seems to be 80’s, 90’s and current hits, heavy on the 80’s and 90’s. I’m fed up to the back teeth of Pat Benatar and Split Enz. The adverts are enough to make you crash the car so you don’t have to listen to them anymore. Then, when you get to your hotel/motel you hope to whichever deity you pray to that they have full Sky (they don’t, well not in the ones we’ve stayed in anyway, Picton and Auckland not included). Otherwise you have interference on most channels which consists of TVNZ One, Two and Three, Sky Movies One, Sky Sports One and maybe, just maybe CNN. Now that may sound ok, but sometimes the interference is so bad that you can only watch a couple of those channels and then they tease you by giving each room a copy of the Sky guide showing all the channels, but not the TVNZ ones. Arghhh!
Cadburys Chocolate
I have a big bone to pick with Cadburys. They make chocolate here that stays here. It needs to be shared with the world, especially Rocky Road Dairy Milk, Turkish Delight pebbles, Black Forest Dairy Milk, chocolate coated marshmallow fish, Perkynana and Moro (a Cadbury version of Mars bars, but nicer). On the other hand, we’re both glad they don’t as we would both be huuuuge.
Disabled Parking
The Crippled Childrens Society (yes it’s really called that) were nice enough to provide us with a NZ disabled parking badge for use during our stay. The problem is that parking is a local issue and nobody seems to know where you can park and for how long. Each town is different and every time I’ve asked a traffic warden I get a different answer. The best one? In Queenstown I asked a warden how much time we get if we display the badge and she said ‘heaps’.

More to come, maybe tomorrow..

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