Glow worms and nasty smells

(February 13th 2007)

We left Hamilton pretty early this morning and headed towards Waitomo caves to see the glow worms. It was money well spent as the sight is absolutely amazing. After a short-ish quided tour around the caves you get on a small boat and in absolute darkness you glide around a cave looking up at the ceiling at the points of light that at the glow worms produce to catch their food. It looks like thousands of stars in the sky and in the silence it makes it all the more magical.

That little detour completed we pointed the car towards Rotorua. The drive was spectacular and we were glad we decided to take that route rather than go direct from Hamilton to Rotorua (apart from the fact that we would have missed the glow worms). About half way I was starting to cross my legs and we saw a picnic spot with some likely looking tree cover for me. I got out of the car and saw a sign on the side of the road pointing to a Christian camp across the river. I found my spot, made sure there was nobody around and soon there was a happy smile on my face. As I finished the deed I heard a round of applause behind me and I nearly fell over. Looking around I noticed, through the trees, that the god squad were having an outdoor meeting of some sort and although the applause was coincidental I felt proud that it merited such rapturous clapping.

We finally got to Rotorua and found our motel. Nice, clean with good facilities but a huge step down from the luxury we had (sadly) gotten used to at the Cavalli Beach House. After dropping off our bags we headed into town. Amanda was already holding her nose at the smell (maybe she’ll get used to it, but I doubt it), but we found the lake front and sat and read through some brochures and guidebooks. As it was now past 4pm we went to the only thing that seemed open which was the museum. If you ever get a chance to come to Rotorua, make sure you visit the museum, it’s excellent, and probably the best museum I’ve been to in a long, long time.
Once through the museum, we grabbed something to eat and went back to the motel so I could catch up with this blog thing and chill out. More tomorrow…..

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