(February 5th 2007)

If anyone tells you it’s a long way to New Zealand, believe them. We left the house at 8:30 am on Saturday and arrived at the hotel in Auckland at around 9 am on Monday morning. I know there are time differences to take into account but it doesn’t feel like it right now.

The leg from Heathrow to LA wasn’t too bad, just another transatlantic flight, but from LA to Auckland seemed to take forever. This is due to two reasons,
1. The flight is twelve and a half hours
2. We had turbulence most of the way
It started about an hour into the flight and it was pretty damn bumpy. We had people crying, people being sick and the rest of wishing that it would just stop so we could go to the loo. Landing at Auckland actually raised a ‘YEAH!’ from someone near us.

We caught a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and another commonly heard saying about NZ is apparently true. The people are really friendly. The taxi driver chatted to us (just angling for a tip, I thought), the guy who took our (very heavy) bags into the hotel smiled and was very friendly (hmm more tipping, how cynical) and so did the porter who took our bags to the room (tips, tips tips). However, so did everyone else who we met along the way, the receptionist, the people in the shops we visited in an attempt to stay awake and the poor woman in Subway as we took forever to decide what the hell we wanted in our sandwiches. I shall observe further.

We’re booked on a harbour cruise later this afternoon and then we go hunting and gathering for food. Well, this entails deciding on whether we eat in the hotel or venture outside to the mexican place around the corner for quesadillas and frozen margaritas (no contest).

I’m feeling rather frazzled right now and will probably read this tomorrow and not remember typing it.

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