Almost there

(January 13th 2007)

3 weeks and counting, not that I’m counting. Things have settled down recently, me starting a new job and the missus feeling better after some recent treatment, so we’re really looking forward to the big day now.
Went shopping today in Chelmsford to pick up some more bits and bobs for the trip, but I’m sure there will be things that we will have wished we’d bought, but who cares now?
I have a new camera (or two), new clothes (same wife) and all we need to do now is pack. We’ll probably add stuff to the ‘going away’ pile over the next two weeks and pack during the last week. Packing is always a stressful time for one of us (any ideas which one?), so doing it a little at a time willl be better.
Everything is now booked good and proper. We booked the hotels in Hanmer Springs and Greymouth, and we also decided on staying at Lake Taupo on the way between Rotorua and Wellington. We have a room for 2 nights at the Millennium hotel there right on the waters edge. It’s easy to get to Napier and the surrounding areas too so it’s a good compromise.
I contacted Air New Zealand last week asking if there was anything special they could do for my wife as she will be 40 during the flight. No can do. Oh well she’ll have to make do with having her present mid-air instead.
The hotel in Auckland advised us that even though our flight arrives at 5am we can’t check in until 3pm. They will keep our luggage for us and we can shower there too until the room is ready so it’s not too bad.

Not long now…did I say that already?

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