All booked up

(June 2nd 2006)

Well, on Wednesday we sat down at the computer and went on a ‘holiday booking’ spree. The flights are bought and paid for, the hire car reserved and most of the hotels (and a couple of motels) are booked. The only thing really left to do is decide what we’re going to see when we’re there. We fly with Air New Zealand (thanks to Seat guru, if you’re flying anywhere check this out) from London Heathrow to Auckland via LAX. Then back from Christchurch, changing planes in LAX. The journey is hellishly long, leaving at 14:25 on the Saturday afternoon and arriving in Auckland at 5:25 in the morning….Monday morning. At least using the info on Seat guru (did I mention that?) we were able to select the best seats for each of the planes we’re flying in. If you ever want to know what the food is going to be like on your selected airline, check out this site. Slightly strange idea, but fun too. In all flights we’ve booked the ‘double’ seats near the back of the plane so no fat bloke sat next to us taking up all the room, or having to say ‘excuse me’ everytime you want to visit the little boys room…nice. As we travel towards the holiday, I’ll tell you about the hotels and the places we’re intending to visit. As we arrive in Auckland, let’s start there…… We decided that the first part of the holiday should be pretty much chill-out time. So I booked us into a nice hotel in Auckland. The Hilton certainly looks nice. It’s on a pier 300m out to sea, so the rooms should have fantastic views. It’s only 5 minutes walk to the main shopping area (apparently) so it looks to be well located in the city. And, most importantly, it has internet access so I can blog to my hearts content about the flight and my first impressions of Auckland. We haven’t decided on what we’re doing in Auckland yet. We’re there for 3 nights so we have enough time to tour the city a bit. I think they do whale watching trips from the harbour, and we’ll have to go up the Sky Tower although I think the missus will close her eyes at the top. No chance on this earth that I will be doing the Sky Jump but I might do the Vertigo climb…might! Still looking at ‘hop-on-hop-off’ bus tours. There seems to be only one, called the explorer bus, but it looks to cover all the places that we would be likely to want to visit. UPDATE.Somewhere to visit whilst in Auckland Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World I have to say this looks pretty cool (cool, hehe get it?). Definitely going to go there. The Explorer Bus tour stops there so it’ll be easy to get to. That’ll do for now. Next stop…..hire car and the Bay of Islands.

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