A Thrilling Morning on the Jet Boat

(February 27th 2007)

This morning we left, early of course, for the jetboat and got bumped up to the earlier ride. I have to say Ian was quite nervous as we waited our turn to get our life jackets and board the boat. We sat in the front and you can see some of the quality pics I took in the photos. I have to say that the boat ride was very very cool!! Ian and I enjoyed it so much we wanted to do another one and we even bought the CD and photo pack of the trip. If you’re in Queenstown you have to do this!

After the thrill of the morning we decided to head up around lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy, or as far as the road goes. As we left the crowds of Queenstown behind us the scenery got better and better. The lake looked so blue it didn’t seem real. We stopped off for a bit at a little cove/beachy inlet (not sure what the right term is on a lake). The water was so clear that the pebbles in the pictures are actually in the water, I took the photo with the underwater camera. As we continued around the lake the view improved and improved. The picture above is of Mt Alfred in the background of the lake. Ian took some really awesome pictures. I have to say the more we see of NZ the more we wonder why anyone would want to leave the country. I suppose the grass is always greener.

In the late afternoon we headed back to Queenstown and Ian did some retail therapy. He bought another cap and a rugby shirt. I have to say we nearly didn’t get out of the shop, when the guy in the shop found out we were welsh he started talking rugby and 20 mins later we still there talking.

Tomorrow we’re off to Te Anau and will visit Milford Sound, it looks really nice.

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