A Day of Nothingness

(February 28th 2007)

After the sheer beauty of the Queenstown area, the drive to Te Anau was a bit of a let-down. The roads were long and straight, and we’re kind of getting used to huge mountains, so I guess you could say it was a boring couple of hours or so. Te Anau is a sleepy little place, more of a stopover for Milford and Doubtful Sounds than a destination in itself. Tomorrow is the Milford trip and we’re both really looking forward to that. I hope it lives up to expectations, although I’m sure it will.

We did make a side trip to Lake Manapouri (see pic above) which was very beautiful (as well as NZs second deepest lake don’t you know) but at the end of the day it’s just another lake.

Now I’m back writing this I can tell you dear readers that the Shotover Jetboat ride was fantastic, and regardless of what Amanda tells you privately, I wasn’t gripping the hand grip THAT hard. My knuckles are always white and I think the bright sunlight showed it up more than normal.

We’re still getting fed very well, but Kiwis have no clue about portion control. They’re always massive, but the food is so nice and I’m so polite that I still clear my plate.

So far we’ve taken 895 photos (not all will make the cut however) so we should have fun when we get back sorting them out as I have neglected making notes on where each one was taken……..ooops!

One thing we forgot to mention that made Amandas evening while we were in Taupo was that she was complimented on her hair. We were eating dinner and an elderly couple had just finished and were leaving their table. The woman approached us and said that she doesn’t normally accost strangers, but she just had to tell Amanda how shiny and lovely her hair was. Damn! You know what that means? Expensive hair dresser visits and getting ripped off for over priced conditioners (‘products’ as they are known in our house) will continue ad infinitum.

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