3,481.54279 Miles Later

(March 6th 2007)

Well that’s it. It’s practically over. We’ve driven over 3,400 miles and seen some amazing sights and had a fantastic time, but it had to come to an end. Today was our last full day and we had to hand back the car. Happily the International Antarctic Centre is literally round the corner from the car hire place so we drove there this morning. Just outside is a roundabout and in front of us a car decided that he didn’t want to go all the way around and so he went the wrong way around it so he could get there sooner…amazing.The photo above is a Hagglund which is an amphibious vehicle used in Antarctica and which we took a ride in, thankfully driven by an experienced driver. He takes you over a special course to show you what it can do, including being able to climb 45 degree hills, 35 degree tilts and travel over 1.9m crevasses oh and it can swim. It was an amazing experience and we have put an order in for one of our own. All we have to do now is try and figure out how to pay for it ($250,000) hehe. The rest of the centre is equally as good and for part of it you dress up in over-shoes and warm jacket (it was 26C outside) and experience an Antarctic storm. To say it was cold is an understatement but I’m glad I wasn’t wearing a skirt and flip-flops like Amanda. Also there was some rescue penguins which were very cute and a lot of info about this huge continent.

Once we’d finished that we had to hand back the car, there was no delaying it any longer. Thankfully, there was no problems and it was a quick exchange. We’re going to miss it terribly and we’re already working out how we can afford something similar at home.

We’ve bought 2 day passes for the trams here in Christchurch, so we’ll have something to do tomorrow and this evening. Our flight isn’t until 8:45pm so we’ll check-out at midday and use the passes to go and visit the modern art museum and just potter for the rest of the day until it’s time to depart.

So that’s it! The last entry. We’ve enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed reading it. See you back in the UK soon.

Ian & Amanda

One more thing we forgot.

Burnt bags…not good. It was so hot when we were sat on a little beach just outside Queenstown that the sun, going through my camera eyepiece and through the lens, burnt Amandas handbag. It was lucky she smelled it burning as it might have burst into flames. Needless to say, that was my fault and it was all the justification she needed to buy a new bag yesterday in Christchurch.

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