2 days to go

(February 1st 2007)

OK, the list…..
✓ Passports
✓ Money
✓ Letter form Doctor to allow large amounts of pharmaceutical products onboard the aircraft
✓ Tickets (well, electronic tickets. Does anyone else feel nervous about turning up without an actual, real, solid ticket in their hand?)
✓ Cameras
✓ Battery chargers for cameras
✓ Laptop (not packed yet as I’m using it right now)
✓ Charger for laptop
✓ Mobile phone (complete with NZ sim card, how organised am I?)
✓ Charger for mobile phone
✓ Clothes….lots of clothes..too many clothes…it’s crazy
✓ Shoes…one of us is taking too many pairs….guess who
✓ More moisturisers and other assorted bathroom bits and bobs than Boots the Chemist
✓ Same for her, hehe
✓ Sunscreen…gotta protect my lily-white skin from those nasty UV rays

I think that’s it!

There’s always something we’ve forgotten, always.

✓ Take cat to cat hotel (no really, it’s a hotel for cats)

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